Posted by: riptide | April 14, 2006

Alumni Weekend Reverse 180

Well today was a very event filled day. It’s Alumni Weekend at the OC (Oakwood College), my boy J came into town from Maryland. C and me, we’ve wanted him to come down this weekend since last year. We wanted to show him what the OC had to offer.

Well today we went to the driving range, and man I was off compared to yesterday. I could barley hit the ball 150 yards, yet alone hit it consistently. Since none of us had eaten all day, which is strange considering that we all can eat, we were going to go out with some friends. But that fell through, you know how girls are, so the three amigos went to Cheeburger Cheeburger, and enjoyed ourselves. Went to AY and it was like hell in that building. I don’t know if the people on stage were as hot as me and I was in the balcony under the AC vent.

Later on that evening picked up some extra payload and went back on campus. I was requested to do my favorite driving maneuver reverse 180.  So I drove to the back of the campus where the road is closed, and came to a slow stop. Shifted the car into reverse, revved the engine two times. Eased off the clutch (or popped it, I don’t remember which one) and started to go in reverse down the hill in the on coming lane. I looked back due to my dark tints to make sure I had space for the front end to slide, got about quarter of the way down the slight incline and snapped the wheel left, causing the front end to whip to the right. Moved my hand on to the stick, popped the clutch to release the gear, and then tapped the break. About mid way through the turn counter steered (turned the wheel into the turn) to stop the slide, mid the counter steer revved the engine to sync it with the trany and slid the stick into 1st gear (I was preparing to do a burnout at the end). Then the thought of my new used tires came into mind and then I slammed on the breaks to stop the slide and moved the stick back into neutral. All in all I think the ladies enjoyed my soon to be perfected reverse 180 (I think the next time it rains I’ll go out and practice it.)


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