Posted by: riptide | April 20, 2006


Well last night at work everyone on second shift seems to be upset that people on first shift received a bonus for the past quarter and only one on second did. If your reading this and wondering what the problem is then let me break it down for you:

Last month we (second shift) was charged with getting 75 boards a week out which totaled 300 boards for the month. I know it doesn’t sound hard but these boards get tested twice. So acutally we were getting a total of 600 boards out in a month. 1st shift was supposed to do all the other boards that came into the area. Needless to say came the end of the month we shipped out at the least 650 boards of the 750 in the total order (way over our 300 mark). Now it doesn’t sound like much but the killer part is that the last week of the quarter 2nd shift tested all of 1st shifts’ boards and got them out too. In other words we did above and beyond our work and the work of the slackers on 1st.

Now this is the ebb and flow of how things work since I’ve been there.


We have Techs to fix our equipment when they go down

They are always interrupted by the front office management

(The best one of all)

We know how to use batch files (scripts) to run the DOS tests.


Two techs on first shift overlapping into second

All the drives contain the same automated scripts

Tell anyone that interrupts you to talk to your supervisor (not hard to do, I do it all the time)


With all this said and done I’ve reached one conclusion, hard work gets paid in the long run not the short. If we (2nd shift) always want the grass on the other side then we don’t appreciate the grass on our side. I don’t go to work to get bonus I go to work to do the job so that I can support my addictions (paintball, bowling, and now golf).




  1. didn’t read the entry…like the blog. can’t be at the comp long enough to read through all of these. will do tomorrow when i don’t have to have ice on my face!


  2. lol now i read it.

    you tell them devesco!!

  3. I told this story to a co-worker in the form a parable, and she said you guys got screwed. You shouldn’t gone and gotten your golf clubs and made them niggas “pay wut they owe!” 🙂

  4. LOL 😀

  5. […] Well found out today that the Managers at work are going to have a meeting to hear our grievances about our work schedule. This meeting is supposed to take place on the 17th. Prayerfully we will be going back to 4 10's (4 days a week 10 hours) that way I can have a social life.I'm not sure why this meeting will be different that the others. Every time we have this meeting the managers (who only come during the day) don't understand or hear what we say. It seems that they only care about the numbers not the health of their employees. Especially those who get the work done (Bonus), if your not going to listen to us then get those who you reward to do the work!! Published in: […]

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