Posted by: riptide | April 20, 2006


An abstract ThunderstormTonight there was a thunderstorm. For a region in the US that is used to thunderstorms and tornados people sure do get worked up over a storm that only lasts for about 10 minutes (given there was some hail that did fall). I mean back in Miami we had Tropical Depressions that lasted a week, and I still had to go to school. Tonight I was kind enough to go and get my feet wet and pick up some of my co-workers food in the middle of a storm. All the ladies were acting like there was a hurricane outside the door. Why is it that when ever there is a storm up here no one wants to go outside?


I remember when I was younger I got in trouble for being out in a storm. Till this day my mother warns me about the weather. I guess I’m the type of guy that doesn’t let the weather change my plans. As I think deeper on it actually I try not to let anything ruin my fun.




  1. i love thunderstorms…

    hmm i don’t know why people get all worked up about them. maybe deep down, they really are afraid of the lights and the sounds.

  2. ps. hehe thanks for the credit. not necessary hehe but nice.

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