Posted by: riptide | April 22, 2006

Great Hospitality

Had dinner at a friends house, and it was great. Their parents were so nice and friendly made me feel at home. Doc and Shelyly treated everyone like family and children. This weekend they were “The Family that Lived in a Shoe.” After Sabbath dinner the girls wanted to go for a walk, so instead of going for a walk I sat down and started suduku. Doc and Lisa wanted to learn how to play the game, and they were hooked from there. 30 min. passed and the girls still didn’t go walking yet because they were waiting on Lisa to finish the medium puzzle (I knew I shouldn’t have started them on the game but I did feel a little devilish and wanted to get someone else hooked onto the game). During their walk Shelyly and those who remained enjoyed each others company with the good old fashioned conversation. Some how she ended up asking me questions about past relationships, and future goals. I did enjoy the enlightenment about how we as black men need to be determined and persistent when pursuing a woman (she was preaching my sermon for the day).

I just want to Thank Doc and Shelyly for having us out and being so kind to us this weekend. I know I truly enjoyed their company and hospitality.


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