Posted by: riptide | April 24, 2006

The Drive

Did some amazing driving I must say to get back home. To start things off I narrowed a 5 mile gap down to about 2 miles in 15 min. on open road. Second I added I think about 35-40 miles to my return trip from Atl to Hsv. I didn’t see the turn off for I-75arg-martyz-url.gif while on I-75/I-85, took I-285 to get back to I-75. At the end of the trip, I found out, after some calculations, that I narrowed down an hour and a half head start down to about 50 minutes.

I normally don’t drive very fast, but this trip was different. It seems that no matter what I’ve tried to do to leave during the day it didn’t work. But hey who knows maybe it was in God’s will for me to make this trip at that time. Get the Need for Speed out of my blood. To be honest I was scared most of the time, I didn’t want another ticket or a blow out while doing 85 -90 MPH. I guess as I continue to get older the “Speed Demon” in me will die. This was the first trip that I’ve had where the thought of a blow out, or getting a ticket came to mind. Maybe I’m becoming more responsible than I thought.



  1. I understand your fear of getting tickets and blowing out your engine and all, but what is the non-sense about letting the speed demon die? Blasphemy! :)~

    Whatever happened to “smashin’ the gas! cruisin’ through the city as fast as I can!” I think its just the fear in your heart. I know that after I got my first ticket, I was pretty pet about getting pulled over. Now, when I drive, I ask God to keep the cops away, and if I start driving wild or irresponsibly, let me know. He always does. I made it from Mobile in 3 hours 45 minutes. I didn’t driving irresponsibly, I prayed and moved, and when I got wild, I got warned. One warning is usually more then enough for me.


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