Posted by: riptide | April 25, 2006

Rules of the Road

This is the third day I’ve had this thought so I think I’ll post it now.

Why do people drive slow in the left lane? I hate when people drive in the left lane and are doing the speed limit. How can someone drive in the passing lane his or her whole trip? People you don’t cruise in the passing lane. Hence the name of the lane passing, cruise in the travel lane, that’s why it’s called the travel lane. This weekend went to Atlanta, a big city, and when I was there everyone who drove slow (doing the speed limit) was in the far right lanes. The HOV and passing lanes for the most part was used for their purposes. After returning from a city where drivers know the rule of the road back to Huntsville, I’ve realized how much I miss the city driving. Was driving to work today, I passed a number of cars using the travel lane because they were all Sunday driving in the passing lane. People can we remember the rules of the road? Read the drivers handbook and remember that they are for everyone’s happiness



  1. Maybe that’s why I don’t go to Atlanta anymore. Just the thought of being able to drive in a city where people know the rules of the road, and then having to come back to H’ville is too over bearing. ATL is like a playground when I go.

  2. you`re intense.

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