Posted by: riptide | April 29, 2006

WTF, Pornstar, Noname

Had a dinner party at the apartment, and there were some uninvited guess that got on everybody nerves. WTF now this story has history with the roomy. Apparently he used his take home test as a guide to getting him an A in Cal. III. With out roomy’s permission. So there was a lot of tension coming from the roomy to me. I soon realized that inviting him because he was in the room was a mistake. It seems like he was a monkey in a cage at the apartment. Jumping up in down, screaming and yelling in the apartment, could not have that.

Pornstar, now she was a trip, her voice first of all sounded like nails on a chalkboard with ice picks in your ears. She of course came with invited company. The problem I had with her was that she was loud (I live in an apartment and I do have neighbors), and slightly rude to my roommate. To be honest he held his tongue very well today to my surprise. That we can’t have, all he had to do was give the word and the door would’ve opened instantly. She was trying to flirt with anyone in pants today, seemed like WTF and her kinda hit it off by the pictures.

And there was a third one I just can’t remember his name. I guess I’ll call him Noname. Noname came with someone that was invited too. Which is cool with me, I don’t mind meeting new people, but when you come to my house and don’t say one word to me or my roommates that whole time you’re here. That’s very RUDE!!! Eat my food don’t say thank you and leave with who you came with!! Where are your manners? Didn’t your parents teach you better than that? At first I was cool with Noname coming, he needed some place to eat, it was his birthday, and he was suppose to take the place of a guest that was going to drop but didn’t.

I also found it funny how Pornstar and WTF were getting so “comfortable” on the couch and they were not talking. When I say big time flirting was going on, I mean WTF you can make a porn video with her. And then both of them could be Pornstars.

Now I feel a better got it all off my chest.


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