Posted by: riptide | May 9, 2006


Bad Dreams

If dreams are an expression of our sub-conscience, then I should be afraid of myself. Didn't get much sleep last night and it showed today at work. Had one of those dreams where the carnal mind was mixing with rational mind, if the person, in my dream was me then I feel sorry for this world.

Since our lives are a battle between force of good and evil, last night evil won and it ran amuck in the dream world. I saw myself with no good to found in me. The people I fought, the girls that I… I pray that who I saw in my dream I never become that person.

Was that dream God communicating to me, or just a dream? If dreams are an outlet of our sub-conscience then I am afraid of myself. The evil things that I can do, the thoughts even scare me. If it was God communicating then I must lean upon his everlasting arm more then ever…



  1. have no fear!!

    dreams usually don’t literally mean exactly what they portray. you have to find the more conspicuous message in your dreams…

    if you…with girls, which i can only presume is one thing, it may mean that you want affection. you’re craving affection; doesn’t necessarily mean THAT kind of affection, it might just be cuddly type of affection, like your mom’s affection. might just mean you want some…thing else (hehe, ;))…

    so don’t worry. if you killed someone in your dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to kill somebody. lol. you might just be trying to work out another problem in your head and that’s how it was manifested in your dreams.

    a little Freud for ya…

    ps. i tried leaving this comment and it didn’t show the first time. if you get two, delete one. lol.

  2. It was not the dream that had me worried it is the thought of it being my sub-conscience manifesting these thoughts. It just makes me wonder who I really am. Also the actions wiht the girls didn’t bother me it was mainly who it was with.

  3. ahh got ya.

    maybe you’re not the person you think you are.

    and as for the girls…maybe you think you know how you feel about them, maybe you don’t.

  4. Jail nigga’, you gay!


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