Posted by: riptide | May 16, 2006

Do or Die Semper Fi (Always Faithful)

There is one thing in this world that most guys agree with me on, that they will never understand women. I was sitting at work today and a co-worker was telling me a story about a friend of his and how she is going through a divorce. Her husband treated her wrong; another women that has very similar qualities is basically replacing her. While talking to her she asked him (my co-worker) out when she is done with her divorce, he of course said no. He then proceeded to tell her that in about 3-4 months her husband is going to call her because he wants her back, and that she is probably going to go back to him.

I’ve always wondered why this is so. Get treated like trash and go back to it like a dog running back to its vomit. After pondering this for a while I’ve seemed to come up with somewhat of an answer to this situation.

First I think women will do anything when in love. Even put themselves in situations that they know that they are not suppose to be in. I know they let their feelings and emotions guide them as they make decisions on whither or not they should stay in certain situations. Even when the situation/man goes against their morals and values, especially when it’s a sexual situation, ie marriage. Also we all know that if anyone has been accustomed to abuse in a love relationship his or her thoughts are used to abuse for love, hence another reason why she would go running back.

Secondly I think that she could fear going back out into the dating game. She might feel very apprehensive on finding a new love (especially if she is attractively challenged). Since she has to compete with women and now men on finding a good man, it’s a lot of competition she will be competing against. She just might not be up to the challenge and henceforth settle for less. I personally don’t think that is a good reason to go back to a life time of misery. That's self abuse in its entirety.

(To Be Continued I have to go back to work)



  1. This isn’t just relavent to women. The same is true of men too. The fact is, its a matter of emotional bonding in both cases (men and women). It almost reminds me of lab mice who navigated a maze, and at the end, they were treated with both positive and negative reinforment (cocaine and an electric shock respectively.) Although the shock was painful, the addiction to cocaine made them keep going back, even after the shocks were increased. An emotional bond can be that addictive and that dangerous.


  2. did u think that maybe a past love becomes an obsession for people and that is why they come back?

  3. Or is it the bond that was formed that we can’t live without.

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