Posted by: riptide | June 4, 2006

Somebody Prayed for Me… (My busy street drifting adventure)

Well this weekend has been very eventful, especially today. Today was the most eye opening day. First I started out the day with prayer, and then food. WhileDrift_bible.jpg eating breakfast I watched a video on drifting (the same one I feel asleep to last night). While watching this video I was of course taking notes. Played some Prince of Persia-Warrior within, on my PC, I looked at the time and realized that I was suppose to go help a church member organize her files. So I give her a call to get directions.

While at her house she had me doing some minor yard maintenance, which I didn’t mind (I wish I had my own yard, maybe by September I’ll be raking up leaves). We sat down and went through boxes of past bills, documents, and medical clippings. At about 4:15 I left. I was trying to get home before the storm picked up. Come to find out I was wrong.

Driving down Capshaw, between Wall-Triana and Nancy,S-Curve there is a S –type curve in the road. Since my tires are bald and I’ve been losing grip my whole trip I was taking it very easy; about 10 under the speed limit. I approach the entrance of the curve, about 35 MPH, and as soon as I get no more then .5 sec into the curve my back tires loose traction. With the lost of traction in the back that sent my car into power slide, heading into opposite traffic. Since I know that it is grass on the side of the road I decide to just hold the slide and let the dirt stop me. Bad idea, at the exit of the curve I see a bronze minivan entering in the curve come in the opposite direction. Thinking ahead and looking at my current trajectory and the minivan’s path I see that the minivan is going to hit me on the driver side door. So I grab the s15-10.jpgwheel and steer into the slide to counteract the slide and press the accelerator slightly to get some traction on the front tires (by the way I am driving a Front wheel drive car). The car behaved as it was suppose to and the rear-end changed directions and the car started to turn left. I remembered that there was a red pickup truck behind me so I tried to regain control just to avoid the rear-end collision. So I under steered and the car straightened up. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!!… At the next gas (on Jeff road) station I turned off and parked. Picked up the phone and called Onestepjourney, told him what happened and once I got off the phone my heart rate finally slowed down.

Tomorrow after court I’m heading straight to the tire place to get some new tires and my front wheels aligned.

Man I wish someone was there with a video camera



  1. scary.

    but very glad that you’re okay.

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