Posted by: riptide | June 5, 2006

Semper Fi

Today I was watching "The Rock" for the 200th time. This time I felt sympathy for General Hummel more than I did for anyone else. Watching the movie from the beginning all the way through I was enlighten in my thoughts, who really was the bad guy? Which side of the conflict was really wrong, where should we draw the line between right and wrong?When I pondered these thoughts further while driving to work I realized that Hummel was actually the good guy, while some of his mean were evil. Were his actions really wrong, or was the way he went about getting results? Who really was Evil/Bad guy in the movie?



  1. That is how you know a good movie. It is not black and white, you can’t just look at it and say, ok “they are good and they are bad.” That is the mark of a good movie.

  2. i love that movie. it was on today actually.

    couldn’t watch it, have to study.

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