Posted by: riptide | June 6, 2006


People are calling today the day of the Devil. Well if they had any common sense they would know that they are 2000 years to late. Just because there is a zero in front of the 6 doesn’t means that you can neglect it. If that were true then why did we have the Y2K scare. Remember that computers were going to confuse the 00 in 2000 as 1900. Just because programmers forgot to account for the two places in front of the zero didn’t mean that we were starting at year 00 A.D. when Jesus was approx 4 years old. Also since when has anyone written there date in the form of 6/6/1, 6/6/2, 6/6/3, 6/6/4, 6/6/5, 6/6/6, don’t you see how confusing that is. You don’t even know what year I’m talking about. In actuality I was refering to year of our Lord Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi 1, the first year after the calculated Jesus’s birth.

So can we use a little sense and stop trying to make something out of nothing. I do understand the prophetic importance of these numbers. There is no reason why anyone should say that this day is a bad day or cursed. This day is a bad day when someone doesn’t awake from sleep to see the next day. Nothing that God creates is bad. I know some of you’ll will quickly try and rebut my statment and say what about Lucifer? When you think about it Lucifer was not bad when created, but he choose to become bad on his own. That is the beauty of God He allows us free will (If you do believe in him).

Well just had this thought and got to get back to work. (I’ll probably edit this tonight or tomorrow morning.)



  1. Programmers are not that lazy, we just did that so we could make a metric ton of cash, and it worked. Look for it again in 2038.

    As for 6/6/06, the ISO standard way to write dates is 2006-06-06, so 6-06-06 has come and gone before…

  2. i believe. somewhat.

    don’t believe we have free will though.

    just curious, is it explicit in the bible that we DO have free will?

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