Posted by: riptide | June 6, 2006

Nerd at Work

Zero, the Biography of a Dangerous Idea I think I really need a new job. I was sitting here at work doing Calculus problems, using multiple methods to solve the same equation. Methods by both Newton and I forgot the other guys name. I was inspired to do this while listening to this audio book about zero called, Zero, the Biography of a Dangerous Idea, by Charles Seife. This book has opened my mind to appreciate and understand the number and idea of zero. I can’t imagine a world with out zero and infinity.

This book goes through the evolution and birth of zero, the role it plays in history, math, science, philosophy, religion, and theology (yes theology not a type-o). If you are about to take Calculus, or in the Class now I would recommend reading this book before, during and after Calculus. It helps explain why your doing what your doing, and how it relates to scientific, and everyday life. If you don’t have time to read it, get the audio book.


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