Posted by: riptide | June 19, 2006

Lessons Learned in Love

Had a great weekend, friends of mines tied the knot in holy matrimony. I was apart of the wedding party and learned plenty of lessons when it comes to planning a wedding. It is always easier to hire a wedding planner, but if money is tight and you can afford a coordinator do it, or if you can’t afford that here's a couple of tips on planning a wedding of your dreams all by yourself.

Draw out and color how you want the church/chapel to look.  By doing this you have put all of your dreams (or ideas) on paper so you don’t forget under the stresses of preparation of your day. This also allows everyone to see what it is that you see in you minds eye. Thus allowing decorating a shorter time, and who ever is in charge has something to reference. Same follows for the reception hall.

Remember to listen to those who have just gone through a wedding. These people know what your going through and having gone completely through it will have better hindsight than you. Also they might know something that will save some time.

Have the hair dresser/barber do hair at the location where you’re changing. By doing this reduces the amount of travel time for the bride and groom, which well help when being prompt for the wedding. This is very difficult for women due to the steps need to be taken to do their hair. If you have bridesmaids or friends that have portable hair equipment make sure that they bring it to the changing place that morning.

If not feasible then I recommend doing your hair early in the morning and sitting down relaxing until the appointed time. That is why you have a wedding party to get things done, one person can’t do it all by themselves.

 Delegate. When delegating make sure that the only person that you talk to are Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man/Men. These are the only people that you should deal with besides the cooks and those in charge of decorating. By doing this you know who you talked to. They in return should delegate these tasks to someone else while supervising to make sure that it gets done.  

Have a change of shoes that match the colors. One thing that I loved was that this weekend the bridesmaids had matching slippers that matched their dresses allowing them to get into some flat shoes. Happy feet are great feet.

Don’t be late. If you are going to go through with the marriage try with all your heart not to be late. By being late causes doubt, fear and anxiety to go through your future spouses mind. This is unneeded stress; this stress is not only put on the Bride/Groom it is also equally shared with the respected sides. If you’re going to be late or something happens call someone at the venue.

Enjoy your day. Remember this is supposed to be a joyous occasion. If something goes wrong don’t let it spoil the rest of your day. Be optimistic! In the words of Rick James “It’s a Celebration!!”


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