Posted by: riptide | June 24, 2006

Out Numbered

Orginial Posted at Exile Paintball

“I'm out!” Its just me and them. 2 vs 1. The flag is only 15 yards away house 19 yards. I need to get it and somehow get them out. They have the better position. The walls and windows of the house provides them with better cover. Have to do something, I got to win.

Ok when he sticks his head out I'll fire and move. “Make sure you remember to look at the window. He is going to fire through the window. If it was me thats what I would do.” Heres my chance.

As he sticks his head from around the corner I raise from my position and fire at the wall just to pin him down. I move zig zag towards the target in the center of the field keeping my eyes on the wall and the windows. I see shadows moving behind the windows so I start firing into the windows. They stop moving. Now get the flag and use the house for cover. “Good job, you stuck with the plan. now how are we going to get the flag past the house.” Crouching down under the windows I move to wards my right side. If they are still looking for me they will be on my left very soon and looking through the windows. I peak my head around the corner no ones their “move before your compromised!” As I round the corner I lose footing and slip “NOOOOOOO!” I caught myself, moved onto the wall for support, pointed my marker up at the other end, “man I hope no one heard that.” As I started to move again I heard a sound moving past my ear “ they zeroed in on my position, got to…” Shot in mask “I'm out!” raise my marker in the air and started to walk back to my staging area.



  1. What shoes were you wearing?

  2. Football Cleats.

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