Posted by: riptide | June 24, 2006

Playing in the Woods

This was my first time playing in the woods. It was very fun. I got to practice skills that I haven't used since camp outs. The major difference in the woods and any speed ball course is that i didn't have to hide myself as much. I was able to stand out and use the trees and branches as cover from the flying paint. I did notice that in order to win on that stage is to get the corners of the field and once thats done you can walk all over the other team.


That was my mistake the First game we played there. I went on the left flank and didn't go all the way to the corner. and got shoot from behind. I think the next time we go we'll play on that field more than the others. It seems that overall everyone enjoyed playing on the woods ball field.



  1. Hey sweet article, but I disagree about not needing camo in woodsball, in fact I think that in woodsball camo is one of the most important things. I’ll write some articles on my strategies when I get around to it.

  2. I don’t think you need camo, but it could help. You certainly don’t want to wear bright colors or anything.

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