Posted by: riptide | July 5, 2006


Petronas Twin Towers

Is it possible to always give 100 percent? If we are always giving 100% wouldn’t we exhaust our potential?

The answer in short is Yes we can always give 100%, it’s just up to us daily whither or not we do. If we set our minds on giving or full potential everyday, or potential will grow. It sounds hard to believe but so true. Just reflect on a situation where at the beginning you thought that it was impossible. You made up in your mind that your going to over come it. In the end upon reflection the growth is noticeable.

Our potential is limitless, henceforth we could never exhaust  our potential. Our potential is not governed by the laws of physics because it is infinite. If we believe it is finite then it will be come finite, but if we believe in a infinite God who is the infinite source of our potential then, all we have to do is tap in.

I’ll leave you with this thought: “Never let it rest ‘Til your good is better And your better is best! I”


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