Posted by: riptide | July 15, 2006

Ten and Two

I was driving from church and I was behind someone driving slow we both entered a right hand yield turn. This person proceeded to turn but stopped short. Because I was tailgating them into the turn I had whip out and pass them, cutting him off from entering. I got home safely.

Later on I was driving the back roads of Alabama, and went into a nice banked curve at about 70 MPH, It was a smooth transition into and out of the curve, and When I thought about it I realized that race car drivers do know what they are doing. Most race car (stock, formula, rally) drivers do have one thing in common with their driving style. That is, hand position on the wheel, they all normally hold their hands at 10 & 2 or at 3 & 9.

While driving I started changing my hand position on the wheel, while navigating different turns. Turns ranging from 90 degree, to banked 25 degree turns. When taking an 90 degree turn, and having to have to flip the wheel 180 degrees, with my hand at 10 or 2 or 3 or 9 I was able to turn with ease. Then I complicated the situation a little more; I increased my speed, added down shifting, entered a turn and with the added speed I had more control and stability. With peddle control I was able to control my trajectory, with just a whim.

For you new drivers don’t do the lean back, one hand on the wheel thing. Its just an accident waiting to happen. Beisdes the plenty of distractions, in the car you need to make sure that you control the vechial, because it is a weapon. And it can kill.


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