Posted by: riptide | July 18, 2006

Excuses, Excuses

WalkingI’ve been hearing from everyone who is older and working full time, that they want to exercise but can’t because they don’t have time. This morning I’ve realized that they do have the time, they just don’t want to use it for exercise. During my 15 min. break I realized that I have 30 min, spaced out for exercise should I choose too. It doesn’t take much to get your heart rate up, all you have to do is walk around instead of sit in the break-room and gossip. If its sunny outside wear a hat, and some sunscreen. If your worried about sweating, just drink water instead of coffee, stay hydrated and rehydrate. Use perfume/cologne in the morning not after you exercise. Don’t walk slow walk at a slightly faster rate. If its cold dress in layers. Dress for the weather.Walking

Remember enjoy those few moments outside. Just 30 min 3 days a week is enough to get you in shape and lose weight. All you need to do is increase your heart rate to burn excess calories, and watch what you eat.


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