Posted by: riptide | July 20, 2006

Nasty Men

There is a sect of men in this modern world where we have indoor plumbing, and antibacterial soap that believe in not washing there hands after pissing. That just nasty!!! Then have the nerves to eat, shake hands, or even touch someone… WTF. You touch your balls, and what ever germs, STD’s, bacteria on them, then proceed to flush (if you do flush) to toilet/urinal, and then touch the door handle with all the ish on your hands. Yes spread the bird flu in the bathroom. That’s just nasty.

Not only is it not good hygiene, but its selfish. Not taking others into consideration. How would you feel if someone R. Kelly your food and drink; put there sacks, and member on your food right before you ate? Even better yet, cooked your food in the toilet? Dare I even keep going. Ima need for you’ll to start washing your hands.

I don’t care about the so called fact that “the penis is the cleanest part of the body…” That’s B.S. the penis is cleaner than any exposed skin because it isn’t exposed, but it still contains bacteria. Unless you like sharing bacteria, and things growing on your skin, then yeah you can say its clean. Also no one want your flora (thanks Leslie ;)), keep it to yourself. To me the penis is as clean as my arm pits. Due to same sweat glands in both locations.

So if your not in the habbit please try too. Its just nasty, I don’t think anyone wants what you go except Magic Johnson, he got the cure for AIDS, he is the only one that i know of that has something everyone wants.



  1. lolol no problem.

    nice use of the word.

    and thanks. somebody needs to tell these people to wash their freakin’ hands!

  2. This is all very gross…

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