Posted by: riptide | July 21, 2006

Samsung YP-T8X

I own and operate a great media player. It plays mp3, wma, ogg, acc, and many other formats. Plus it has a video player that plays movies, a picture viewer, and a text viewer that read .txt files. I bought this not only for its functionality but for use at work.

Today my YP-T8X saved me from giving someone a piece of my mind. By the music selection that I chose this morning, and the song that came on, allowed me to reach a calm state with in 1 min. Its funny how music swings moods. At work music not only wakes me up but it also set a rhythm that allows me to work faster with out feeling fatigue.

Back to today at work… the same chick for my last work post was doing what she does best early in the morning, and that is complain (I think she is having problems at home. Or she is spoiled and wants everything done her way. I haven’t figured out which one yet). This time the straw that almost broke the camel’s back was when she started complaining about adding a label to a bios chip, a job that would take at the most 15 sec. to do. Given the fact that I know this person does not do this out of spite but consistently forgets to replace those labels, I proceeded to inform her about this and that it’s just an honest mistake, and a habit that he has to break out of. But she kept on ranting about how she always have to change them, at that point I do recall countless nights where we on second shift (when I used to work on that shift. I miss you guys) we had to retest her boards; the ones she claimed failed. Now since it takes about 15-30 min. to test 1 board and 10 -15 sec to change 1 label… You get my drift. I thought about telling her this but then at that moment in time it would’ve been a tare down not an uplifting criticism.

Oh yeah how this all relates to my media player, well after that situation I walked away and put my head phones up and turned the volume up and couldn’t even hear nothing she said. It allowed me to block out the negativity, and constant complaints coming from her, and listen to something positive up lifting and up beat. My media player also kills the silence that I hear every time I come to work.
THANK YOU SAMSUNG, keep up the good work… 🙂


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