Posted by: riptide | July 23, 2006

Special Weapons And Tactics

I have a new found respect for SWAT officers. I was playing SWAT 4 this morning, and I went in lone wolf. The lay out was a hospital, the scenario was a diplomat that was assaulted and injured was taken to the hospital to treat his wounds. The assailants stormed the hospital, and started shooting and killing everyone. Objectives: bring Order to Chaos, find and rescue the Diplomat, and rescue all the civilians. Sounds easy at first but, when I normally do this stage I die within 2 min. So I studied the blueprints, and then started the mission.

I went in shouting “get down before I put you down”, then he fired a shot at me. Pulled the trigger and killed him 3 shots. I followed my plan and went through the whole stage sometimes shooting first ask questions later, or shout orders first then shoot. But by the end of the mission 11 hostiles were dead. One door to go opened the door and shot the guy with my 1911. One shot in the arm, one right past the head. I take 2 to the vest and 1 to the head from an AK-47. At the end of the round I received my score it was 9 points, and under penalties I received a -80 points, Unauthorized Use Of Deadly Force.

It takes a special type of person to go into crapped up situation, have a gun pointed at them, yelling orders, so close to the point of getting shot and not shooting. I don’t see how they do it. I guess it’s all that training that they go through. Yes they do have those other weapons, like the beanbag gun, tear gas, etc, but still to put your life on the line just to save others. SWAT really is an elite force to reckon with. I salute those police/SWAT officers that risk their lives daily to keep order on the streets and in our neighborhoods.


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