Posted by: riptide | July 28, 2006

Quick to Think, Slow to Speak

I’m not sure where I’ve heard/read this phrase. I think some where in the Bible, or my parents. Today I’m glad that I practiced this concept. I was asked by a co-worker an exact number of boards that I get out in any given day. I answered his question about 5 seconds later and the figure that I gave as an estimate based upon a slow day. I kinda sandbag the answer…

I’m still wondering the real reason why he asked how many boards I test in a day. I think that they saw one of my daily test logs and saw the numbers produced which wasn’t great today. Another possibility could be that they have in there heads that I can run 30 boards a day. Not true, if all the planets line up and the wind blows a constant 20mph with rain that drops perfectly vertical, that’s when I can get high numbers out. In my estimate I only gave him the number of boards that pass test. So technically I didn’t lie, normally we (2nd shift) only count boards that passed functional test. Boards we shouldn’t see anymore.

During the rest of the afternoon I couldn’t figure out why he raised the question. We exchanged our test numbers, and optimal situations that would allow us to run boards at our full potential. I guess he was trying to get a feel of what I can do, or compare himself to me… I hope not, because if he does he would be in for a surprise. I have a little secret weapon that I use daily to help me get faster at testing boards. That is timing my self and setting time goals. It works greatly, some boards that normally take 20 minutes to run I’ve gotten them down to 15 or 13 minutes. All because of practice and also efficiency. I try to work smarter not harder. I’m a firm believer in that…

I hope I didn’t scare him with my figures. I still can’t figure out why he raised the question. Any ideas?


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