Posted by: riptide | July 31, 2006

Joy Ride

Last night got to go on a joy ride with R3M, known to many as Onestepjourney. R3M got his new car yesterday and drove it back from Maryland, Godspeed. He stopped by the apartment and asked if I wanted to take it for a ride. I couldn’t refuse the offer so I ran up stairs and got my shoes, wallet and phone. I stepped into the car and adjusted the driver seat, put the car in reverse, pulled out and headed for an empty road.

Made the left turn, then I gunned it. Push the peddle about half way to the floor, watching the tach, and shifting at about 4500 RPM’s. Nice acceleration, I knew a cold air intake gave the car power at lower RPM and low speed but this was the first time I’ve driven a car with one on it. I was at 70 MPH in 3rd gear so I cycled quickly into overdrive (5th) not skipping a gear. Cruised that speed until I reach a residential neighborhood, and reduced my speed to 50.

A few minutes later we pulled up into a parking lot a popped the hood so I could take a look. We talked about how small the engine compartment was, and how small the 4 cylinder was, making comparisons to my car. After about 5 minutes of shooting the breeze and lolly gaging, we got back in and drove back home.

I think it’s time for me to upgrade the engine, and get a cold air intake. I think I’ll just build one that fits my car. Also I need to get some peddles so I can keep practicing weight shifting.


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