Posted by: riptide | July 31, 2006

Last Minute

Today was one of the few day’s where it seemed that I didn’t have anything to do. I started out the day with 6 boards to run, being considerate of others I choose to only run 3. I ran out of work within the 1st hour of being there. That’s not a good sign, especially when you work for a manufacturing plant. So instead of being destructive, after some convincing and breakfast, I started to learn the process of troubleshooting. I sat next to Mike, who is well rounded in most of the production boards on the floor. I observed and listened, answered questions and asked them too; overall learning a lot.

Within 30 minutes of leaving, the Operations Manager came and asked me if I could help out. Me being myself, I said yes. I proceeded to the mechanical assembly area, to assist Jennifer, who was just hired about 3 weeks ago. She was in the middle of constructing a power-supply for the chassis. I walked into the area and asked her what she needed me to do. After following her instructions, I cut wires to length, and pulled out a kit. I started to follow the printed directions, later on I found out they were wrong, as I assisted her. Around 3:30 I asked the Operations Manager how late she needed me to stay. Her answer “We need you to help Jennifer as much as you can. If you don’t mind.”

After talking to Jennifer I found out that she needed help most of the day, when I realized that I got hot. It didn’t make since for them to allow me to go all day learning how to troubleshoot. They could’ve asked me to go over there and help, especially since they wanted to get that done. I’m not sure if they procrastinated, or just had a lack of what was going on. But this gots to stop! I’m going to need them to do better logistically, both with my work and also man power. For a business time is money, and today in my opinion they wasted a lot of money on my overtime.

Praise God!!!


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