Posted by: riptide | August 5, 2006

Long Week.

This week was hectic at work. I can’t wait for school to start so I don’t have to work as much. This week I was fortunate to work overtime (this time I looked forward to it). A full 12 hours each day, from 6AM till 5:30 some nights and 6:30 others. The reason being, “we need to get these power supplies and chassis’s out, do you mind helping Jennifer out.” Little did I know…?

So at work I got to put some past training to work. I had to make wires, assemble, and fabricate just to do my new task. I was sucked in to help a new person out, but it seems that I did too good of a job that I and a couple of my other co-workers think that they are going to try and make me a permanent back there. Though this job keeps my attention more because I’m multitasking all day, but I hate it because I end up being on my feet from the whole shift.

A good thing is that with adequate tools, and actually having instructions that mechanical assembly is kinda easy. It’s just like putting together some furniture that you just brought from a store, just add electricity and you kinda have an idea.

Mid week we ran into a problem, when testing the power supplies, kinda funny when I think back on it. When we measured the DC voltage under load it would measure -5 and when not under load it would measure -12 volts. According to the specifications it was supposed to measure -12 with or with out a load. So the following morning I disassembled 7 of the power supplies that I built the previous days. Then an engineer came over and explained that there had to be a huge load on one of the other output terminals. Once we found that out, everything worked. So we reassembled (meaning rewire, screw) them and wired them into the chassis that they are supposed to go in.

Then I found out that, the time clock system was not recording me clocking in. So I had to keep with my time all week not cool.

But that was basically my week. But the bright side, I should have enough money to finally get a new cell phone.


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