Posted by: riptide | August 14, 2006

3 v 3

“Hey you guys want to do a 3 on 3.” “Sure!! hold on let me get the guys… Brian get the camera, we need some action videos.”

Team: Matt, Rosny, Myself

We head to our side, and think up a plan, “what’s the plan, wanna take the field or lay back and wait” I asked, “Lets take the field!” “I want to work on my left hand shooting”, “Matt you take the snake right off the bat”, and Ros you hold the middle. “I know you don’t like taking the snake right at jump, but we need to get there first.” “I’ll head to the Dorito and try to keep you covered from across field.” “Ok lets do it.”

3 – 2 – 1- Go – Go -Go!! We move to the predetermined positions, “MATT ONE AT YOUR MIRROR, ONE AT THE CAN, AND ONE BACK LEFT?” I fire 3 shots at the back left and one shot at Matt’s mirror. I switch hands and look to my right and fire a couple of shoots to cover Matt and keep him pinned. I then look left and see an open shot at Matt’s mirror and I take it. I fire aiming at his hopper, then his chest, then his hopper again. “CHECK HIS HOPPER REF!!! CHECK HIS HOPPER!!!” “LET HIM OUT; LET HIM OUT” I look right again and start exchanging shots with the guy in at the uprights. I peek out, and snap back, peek out again, and snap back, this time I snap out and fire 3 shots and snap back. “GOT ONE IN THE UPRIGHT CANS!!!” then I hear “Matt where is he?”, “Ros he is at your mirror!!” “Where?” “At your mirror”. I peek out and see it coming at me, I snap back… Too slow, it hits me on my right shoulder. “I’m out!” I raise my marker up and start to walk back to our start point. ” MATT WHERE IS HE” “AT YOUR MIRROR”… “That’s game…”



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