Posted by: riptide | August 16, 2006

Cingular 8125


New phone came in yesterday, and I’ve been playing with it instead of finishing my paintball articles. This article will be a review of the 8125.


  1. connectivity
  2. Qwerty keypad (though most would disagree due to the short backlight time on it)
  3. Memory expansion slot
  4. Contact business cards (great for business people on an exchange server)


  1. Battery life (only got about 16 hours today before I had to charge it)
  2. Windows Mobile (I dislike having to close programs using the memory manager. I think that If I close a program it should close.)
  3. Not being able to customize ring-tones. (Though this might change, I haven’t read the manual yet. Just found it on the CD Cingular gave to me)
  4. Can only use Outlook to sync. contacts (haven’t completely read the manual so i’m not sure if this is true yet)

Check back later, I will defenitly amend this article.



  1. You can customize ringtones. . .you do it in the contact info page. You are right about the battery. . .i had my pocket PC PDA just sitting on my desk the whole day today without a single call and the strength dropped to 50%. That sucks. I have to buy a charger for my office desk. I got mine last Friday and had it over the weekend. Besides from the battery and that stupid way to close out programs (which you can remedy by getting SPB Pocket Plus) it’s a pretty useful tool to have.

  2. use the file manager to go to the music file you want as the ring tone and then menu – edit – copy, then go to \window\ringer and paste the file there and it should work.

  3. I love my 8125! I found that if you COMPLETELY discharge the battery and let it charge fully the first time or two you get the 5 days standby and 1 full day of gab time. Leaving Bluetooth on does shorten that a bit, I have found, but not terribly for me.

    I haven’t tried the ringtones conversion suggested by Francis (above) yet, but plan to shortly…

    Have fun with your 8125!

  4. Does any one know how to dismantle the screen from the base i recently dropped it and the charger slot shifted probly needs clue or needs to be reslotted. I am unable to recharge the phone itself due to this so i have to switch batteries w my girl…HELP…SoS!!!

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