Posted by: riptide | August 18, 2006

Dance, baby, Dance

“Where are you going?” I ask, it seems that everyone is going to a position that I was thinking about. So I think I’ll stay back behind the main spool and wait until some people get out. I wait about 2 minutes peaking my head out on the right and left side of the spool looking for a spot. I call out “I see one back left, and one at left snake!” I see an opening to my left, I fire a couple of shots and head to that position. I slide in behind the spool and immediately start firing at the person on my right hand side.

“I’m hit! I think? I think I got hit in the foot.” I look down no paint splatter on my foot. Then I see it, a paintball ricocheting off the ground close to my foot. WTF was my thought, then I feel a paintball hit me in the shoulder, I check it out, it didn’t break. I look to my right and see the person shooting at me. I return fire, hitting him and he call’s himself out (I think it was me might have been another one of my teammates). I then look for another spot to move because I am still getting hit on the foot. I spot a bunker in front of me. So I turn left and come around the my current bunker and move to the next spool. While in flight I see the guy under the spools in the snake shooting at me. When I get to my destination, I yell to the guys on my left, “he is under the snake!” I move to the right to cover the field. I get hit on the heel this time I don’t think it was a ricochet, I look down and see not a big enough splatter on it. I call for a paint check, I yell it at the top of my lungs, I even look at the ref in the eyes, and he doesn’t move. I start moving my feet because they are getting hit more and I yell for a paint check again. This time the referee completely ignores me. So I decide to stay in the game until I take good hit. I can’t concentrate on the field anymore I’m worried about getting shot in the foot. I finally find a position where my feet wasn’t vulnerable anymore, but it also prevented me from viewing the field. Now my frustration reached its peek, then I hear some movement coming towards me. “No he sin’t going to try and bunker me,” is my thought. I turn to the left and see him aiming at me I fire and hit him square in the chest, then I see paint flying off my marker, “I’M OUT!” I raise my marker and start walking to the out box.

DING!!!! I get shot in the ear, can’t hear anything out of my left just a ringing. The referee comes over once I reach the out box and checks to see if I’m ok. I then realize that he saw me get shot but didn’t see me calling for a paint check. He sucks.


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