Posted by: riptide | August 23, 2006


I do understand how you feel, cerebalrevolution its a norm for people of our personalities, and chosen professions. The hardest thing is saying no. One thing that I did figure out is that when you charge people its ok. The reason is because it is your time, time that you could be doing something else. Since it is your time it cost either money, food (which i normally charge for college students), or service of some kind (for those that do a trade or something like that). The last two are more reasonable then money because most people want the job for free.

One thing that I did find interesting is that in your case and cases like yours the main culprit that I’ve found to do that are women. I don’t want to sound like I’m a chauvinist but I’ve found that women mainly do what your talking about; don’t call are even talk to you unless they need something. I’m not trying to bash the good ones, but the bad ones that make a bad name for women, the ones that use the sexuality to get a job done for free.

I also think that you can’t even call them acquaintances, the reason is because to be an acquaintance one must first be acquainted with that person. To be acquainted one must be able to know them personally, or know firsthand. Because people change, and the only way to know that a person changed is to communicate with them, and if there is no communication that updates your firsthand knowledge then they fall from acquaintance to… (what ever the lower level is). If this is the case then you must charge them that is a written rule. If asked why let them know. Its not fair to you or them to get the friend & family discount. Sprint, Verizon, nor Cingular wouldn’t have it. They charge you to call outside the network so if they not in the network then charge them.

Just remember Friends & Family…


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