Posted by: riptide | August 24, 2006

How the Hell!!

Was sitting at the desk this afternoon contemplating on a new post/trackback to Steelphilosopher’s blog, and my phone rang. It was my old boss, so I answer the phone and the conversation was a surprise.

He demanded to know why I didn’t run some boards, after a brief explanation of the situation that occurred this morning he quickly understood, and told me that I did make some what of a right decision based on the intel that I had.

Here is my side of the story:

I came into work and checked my e-mail and in it was 3 models of boards that needed to be ran. Since I didn’t have the test software for the 1st priority I proceeded to the 2nd priority. During the 1st hour i had 9 out of 9 boards fail the test. red Flag, I asked the debug tech if he knew of any problems with the board. We do some research,a nd inspection and all looks well. So we sum up that I might be the software, I look at the clock and realize that the engineer that wrote the software was in. I go to his office and tell him about the situation.

Lets track back a little, while running the 2nd priority boards, I inform CP that since he has the test software, and that these boards are hot that he should do them ASAP.

As I was saying earlier, the engineer tells me that since they did a revision on the board that his software wasn’t going to work (Not good). So I go and do the 3rd priority. Get those done before I leave for class.

Now back to the phone conversation. My boss informs me that CP only ran 5 boards in an 8 hour shift. Also the 2nd priority boards that my supervisor gave me are not due until next month. How the hell do people a) still have jobs, and b) make such a huge mistake.

One thing I did learn from that conversation is to do the research myself. Anything that my supervisor tells me to run, I’m going to have to double check. I don’t think I should have to do that but it seems that it is my only choice.


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