Posted by: riptide | August 25, 2006

Greener Grass

Why do guys cheat? Guys cheat to satisfy their head. Either to satisfy sexual desire, or to satisfy their egos. Most people know that males are sexual creatures, stimulated both by physical touch and visual stimulation. Guys also cheat because they just want some peace. Often time the home is cluttered with noise, from kids and also from his wife. Wanting some solitude and comfort can drive him to cheat too.

Why do women Cheat? Women Cheat because their man ain’t doing their job. I went around asking women at the job this morning, and came up with pretty consistent answers. Most of them dealt with the man (who is “the provider”) not doing his job. The main reasons why women cheat are: not being satisfied emotionally, sexually, lack of interest, lack of security in relationship, and financial difficulty.

Over all most cheating is done because of a lack of communication. When faced with issues of sex, emotions, peace, spontaneity, or trust couples need to sit down and talk about there issues. Both parties need to practice communication skills, listen first then think about what is being said. Next express their opinion, not to hurt or undermine the other, and try to reach a resolution. If they can’t do that then they should try a counselor or other forms of mediation.



  1. Good job.

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