Posted by: riptide | September 8, 2006


Well Last night I received an invite on Facebook. It was to join a group of people who don’t like a new feature that has been added to the interface. The new feature informs all of your friends what you’ve been up too, and  all your actions on the site. Most people find it an invasion of privacy, or a form of stalking. I think that most people just don’t know how to express how they feel about the new feature. One thing I do like about the feature is that it lets friends know what has been updated on their profiles.

I personally feel that with new Mini-Feed, it complicates the simple yet sophisticated look that Facebook once had. It complicates it by adding a bunch of clutter, and useless information to the home and profile page. It seems like in my opinion that our Facebook developers have been influenced by Hi5 and Myspace. The new feature also takes longer to load the page. How do I know? I’ve tested it on my phone. It took about 3 minutes to load the Facebook page when on an average it took about 1 minute and a half.

I do understand that this could very well be some student’s project for class, and appreciate the continued updates, and free service but I would like to offer some alternatives. To solve most complaints about privacy and stalking, have a confirmation just like a friend request to keep who you want updated. Also have a choice; do we want to include this feature in our profile? Leaving the ultimate decision up to the user.

The developers of Facebook in my opinion has always stepped in the right direction with other upgrades. This one seems to be a little off path. Come on back!


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