Posted by: riptide | September 14, 2006

Illiterate College Students

If you know me you probably know that I say this all the time, but it is true. It has become one of my personal running cliche’. A lot of people love to argue down my arguments but when they take time to think about it I am correct. Reasons why college students can’t read? Well here are a few of them: on test, campus events, homework assignments, directions, etc. The list goes on.

When it comes to tests teachers can easily fail a whole class just by writing in the directions do not fill out this test. 90% of the class will just write there name on the test and look at it and start taking it. Sad but true, we are conditioned since elementary school that the word test mean taking it and filling it out. Not once do we read the directions, this is mainly because the test is subject specific. The slight exception comes with math. We don’t read the test directions just the problem directions, and even in some cases we don’t even read the directions. If you ask a college professor/teacher they will tell you that most students will ask them questions during the test that they could’ve answered themselves if the just read the directions.

When it comes down to spreading the word about an event on campus or around the city, the PR officer of the club will first think to make flyers. I personally think its a wast of paper, stop killing trees. No matter what school, race, or country your in most of the students will skim through the flyer, not even read it. They still will always ask questions involving the event when around friends. The best way to tell people about the event is through word of mouth. Though some things will get mixed up but they will know most of the details. The exception to this rule is giant signs, It has been my observations that we can read these.

I just recently observed that we can’t read when it comes to homework assignments either, especially when it is  on a web. Most students when they read forums or discussion boards, they read the subject/title and proceed to post there opinion on them but, when the title contains a question they immediately think that the topic of the forum is to answer the rhetorical question (subject), instead of taking the time to read the true nature of the topic. I recently encountered this on a class discussion forum where 4 out of 12 students answered the questions correctly on a discussion forum for class ( I happened to be one of them). When it comes to printed paper with directions called a homework assignment we also do not even read how the teacher/professor wants the answer or complete the assignment. We don’t care about what they say we want to do it our own way, projects too. When it comes to projects reading goes straight out the window. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

The main process in following directions involves reading. Since college students can’t read or in other words they are selectively illiterate, then we can conclude that they can’t follow any directions written on paper/parchment. I suspect that with me writing this blog that teachers will start making trick tests to test our literacy. When this happens a new revolution will happen, one of literacy and comprehension, one where the minimal GPA will raise up to 2.5. When this happens I hope I’m out of school.

 This is in no shape of form factual information, this is just an ideal of mines. But if you have noticed any truth in this blog please let me know via comment. Hold on I forgot you’ll can’t read so then you might make this fact.


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