Posted by: riptide | September 26, 2006

Money Tree

I wish money grew on trees. I need a few things in life to make my life easier.

  1. 2 million dollars. I know its not a lot of money but once God and Uncle Sam get there cut, its plenty to pay of school loans, buy a house, and 2 cars (one a BMW and the other an EVO personally modded by yours truly). I know its not realist but God knows I would love it.BMW M6 EVO X
  2. A new SATA hard drive for the computer. It really would be for class and studies ;), @ first. But I do need it to store my VM images of different OS’s.
  3. A new/rebuilt/parts for my tranny, since the syncro in 5th is going out. Though it does get annoying having to continuously put the car back in gear once it pops out. I am blessed because I can still drive the car on a bad gear, also I’ve learned right foot control on the accelerator while in motion.
  4. A second LCD screen. I’ve been wanting this for a while… I’m tired of having to close and minimize windows because my monitor is getting cluttered.
  5. Audio system in the car. It doesn’t make since to me but I still would love to have one.

Since money doesn’t grow on tress I’m thankful that I do have a job, that pays for school, and a car that gets me to work school and home each day. ( I think I’ll start a list)

  1. Car that works
  2. Job that pays
  3. Ability to walk and run
  4. Friends that I can clown with
  5. Money in the bank
  6. Food to eat
  7. Not going hungry one night since I moved off campus
  8. A place off campus
  9. A house that is spacious
  10. Out of an apartment
  11. Parents
  12. Father that helps me with my French class
  13. Classmates to study with
  14. Food in the cabinet and refrigerator
  15. A roommate that can put up with me (though he is next)
  16. Sister that gets on my nerves but will help me when I need it.
  17. Family

Well I need to stop I need to go eat and finish planing this program for class. Though I would like life to go easier I think with most of my blessings I wouldn’t have any other way.



  1. Son.. I feel you about the money thing, I have some wants myself. I also can feel you with the not being hungry since I moved off campus. You’re already blessed and by the list you have, you are better off then alot of people.

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