Posted by: riptide | November 6, 2006

Playing In Your Own…

Why is it that when things are always going well, we have to mess it up? Is it that we don’t think of our actions, or is it because we just don’t like things easy. We ask for advice, we listen, we agree, but we don’t follow through. We always run into the bear trap, with full knowledge of its where about. Is this oh Father why we continue to fall, even though we say we are leaning on you? We just can’t fight our nature. Now I know why you had to send your son to save us. Without His sacrifice we will continue to be “On again, Off again”.  Lost with out any light, wondering why… Oh that question, that word, do we always need an answer? Do we need to really know “Why!” Is knowledge the price we pay for this continued cycle? Lord help us, stop us from knowing too much. Knowledge is power but with too much power we become corrupt, changed from your will, know it alls. Ah, is that why you didn’t us to eat from the tree?


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