Posted by: riptide | November 7, 2006

Adventure Backwards

So I was waiting for my running group one Sunday morning and decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do, drive backwards around campus. I put my car in rev and went into the opposite lane and started taking speed bumps in reverse. Not smart. When I finished I realized that I didn’t have any brake lights on the front so someone behind (really in front of the car) would not know if I was stopping. That could’ve caused an accident. Which in turn would’ve caused my expenses to go up, can’t afford it, but it was so fun!!! Looking at peoples faces as I drove almost flawlessly around campus. Making turns in reverse, stopping at stop signs, and looking into on coming cars so hilarious! Another down side was my sore obloquies and erector spine. My Body was not used to being contorted like that so I was sore the next day. Nothing that I wasn’t used to… Well my next adventure will be free running on a couple of the buildings on campus.



  1. Let me know when you go free running, I wanna go.

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