Posted by: riptide | November 17, 2006

Thru the Fire!

This week has been a very interesting week. Things that I’ve read for class I had to apply the next day. I’ve learned principles on fasting; studying, solitude and silence, these few keys of Christian discipline have been absorbed into my life in just 4 days.

I believe that God does answer our prayers in due season. The question is are we ready for the answer? Then if we are ready, will we give him complete control. That is what I’m struggling with today, giving him control and trusting in His past, present, and future visions for my life. He has taught me many different things that I’ve been doing in my spiritual walk that is incorrect, thank you Lord for reflection. He asks us to store all of our valuable possession in heaven, and when we think about it, the only thing that is really valuable is life.

I’ve learned that others view me as arrogant, and I call it confidence, He calls it a sin. We depend on the same gifts that He has blessed us with and not giving Him any glory. “What so ever we eat, drink, or do do it all to the glory of God…” Uhm… Have I really given him the glory? We should do everything in a lowly and humble spirit, we should speak love, we should show love, and we should live love. I don’t do all of these things. I show greed and gratitude, love and hate, trust and fear. I am still lukewarm. No matter how much I try it seems that I stay lukewarm. I can’t seem to catch the fire.

I’ve also learned that there are times when we are being mistreated that we cannot always speak out about it. God wants us to give him all of our burdens, so is some situations we must learn to be silent and patient, and watch him work. He is our only judge and our only vindicator, Him and only Him do we have to answer to in the end. Now let us not forget that His Spirit does speak to us through others.

I’m going through the fire and I don’t know when he is going to pull me out. I do pray that I stay with Him the whole way.

I’ve also realized that God places people in our lives, to help us through each and every situation. To help open our eyes to his plan, to pray, to cry, and to encourage us as we go through the fire. It’s like in boot camp, we are one unit all trying to reach a goal together. If one of us falls by the wayside, we double back and pick them up. If they want to die alone, or be left alone then we shall do as they request, but always praying that they make it back to the unit. The body of Christ, am I really living like I am apart of that body.

Well that’s all for now… Thanks for reading…


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