Posted by: riptide | March 19, 2007

Navy SEAL Workout Week 1

So today I started to do the Suggested Student Preparation for the United States Navy SEAL. Recovering from Shin splints this will be very interesting, hopefully I’ve taken very good care of my body during the last 3 weeks off, and I can make it through the next 9 weeks without a recurrence. Today being the first day back on the road I challenged my body to do a 2 mile run in 17 minutes, I made it! huffing and puffing. Next was the physical training which consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. These exercises will target back, chest, abs, and arms which are essential to everyday life. I foolishly did some cycling too, which to me didn’t seem like it really increased my heart rate, though I did start getting tired 5 min. from the end.

During the Physical Training stage, I realized that I am pretty balanced in strength, but my chest needs some work. It was on the fourth set of push-ups that I had to go out of the normal prone push-up to the “sissy” push-up just to complete the set of 15.

Well since my food is ready, I’m out. Time to go eat!


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