Posted by: riptide | March 29, 2007

Week 2 Day 2

Yesterday’s workout was pretty cool, everything seemed to work during the run. I stopped for a 10 second breather due to me increasing my pace on the 7th or 8th lap, can’t remember which one. Finished my run with the usual huff and puff.

Shins Splints are bearable right now, but after all is done and the blood cools, they hurt like hell. This morning felt like any other morning, but last night they were on fire. I have to continue conditioning them and resting them on rest days. No skating this weekend 😦

The PT was some what difficult today, I started out sore for some odd reason. I don’t know what I was did Tuesday or Wednesday but I was sore on the 1st push-up. The rest of the PT went without a hitch, I need to work on my chest to be like my back and abs. I might workout Saturday night to get my chest caught up with the rest of the upper body.

Cycling is getting pretty boring, good thing a couple of the friends came in there and was entertaining for me. These girls are a trip, I almost died laughing at them grabbing weights and stuff. I need to go to the pool, because this cycling is getting pretty old pretty fast.


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