Posted by: riptide | April 5, 2007

Week 3

Rest week! I love this week, sad thing about this week is my shins, they are still bothering me, though I only do conditioning exercises. They are getting stronger but the inner part is still a bother, I might have to start popping pills an hour before I run next week.

PT has been challenging those push-ups are still a bother, good thing is that I can now do the first 3 sets of 25 with little to no effort. The rest of the sets are where the struggles kick in, I fight through and finish strong, determined and though I pause, I finish what I started. I will weight and measure myself next week to see if there are any signs of improvement.

Last night went to Travis’ daughters B-day party at the Rat’s place. Had pizza, not good to have in the diet; woke up this morning and saw 3 weeks of sit-up and ab exercises go to waist. Pizza is of the devil! Now I have to purge my system by Monday before I pick up running again.

For now later!

Posted by: riptide | March 29, 2007

Week 2 Day 2

Yesterday’s workout was pretty cool, everything seemed to work during the run. I stopped for a 10 second breather due to me increasing my pace on the 7th or 8th lap, can’t remember which one. Finished my run with the usual huff and puff.

Shins Splints are bearable right now, but after all is done and the blood cools, they hurt like hell. This morning felt like any other morning, but last night they were on fire. I have to continue conditioning them and resting them on rest days. No skating this weekend 😦

The PT was some what difficult today, I started out sore for some odd reason. I don’t know what I was did Tuesday or Wednesday but I was sore on the 1st push-up. The rest of the PT went without a hitch, I need to work on my chest to be like my back and abs. I might workout Saturday night to get my chest caught up with the rest of the upper body.

Cycling is getting pretty boring, good thing a couple of the friends came in there and was entertaining for me. These girls are a trip, I almost died laughing at them grabbing weights and stuff. I need to go to the pool, because this cycling is getting pretty old pretty fast.

Posted by: riptide | March 26, 2007

Week 2 Day 1

Today’s workout was weird. I still can’t put my finger on it but something just didn’t go/feel right. I did one mile today in 7 minutes, and realized that I stop sweating and my mouth was very dry. For safety reasons I stopped and drank some water, this point is where the weirdness kicked in. As I started back up to my pace about two minutes into the run, I caught a cramp or what I think is a cramp. Not in my legs or anyplace like that but in my right lower abdominal/oblique area. When I realized it I quickly changed up my breathing to exhale on my left foot and not my right. As I continued running it got worse, and I had to stop. That pissed me off, because I was racing against time, and I had an unplanned water break so I was pressed for it. So after about 30 secs of wasting time, I started running but this time at a slower pace. As soon as I started back again it kicked in, I decided to press on and ignore it. After a good 3 minutes it finally went away, I picked my pace back up and finished 2 minutes overtime.

The Physical portion was easier than last week, despite the wait this part went very smoothly. The cycling was a piece of cake, today I had some eye candy too. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

Over all assessment: I need to push through and maintain hydration on the weekends. I can not afford to slack off! Also shins are not bothering me while running, but they do feel sore after. I will continue to do the daily conditioning exercises and stretch them. Hopefully a weeks rest next week they will be 90 – 100%.

Posted by: riptide | March 21, 2007

Week 1 Day 2

Everything seems to have been easier today, except the running. I came down with a cold yesterday morning, and combating the cold and trying to run at 85 – 90% is not easy. It was tough breathing properly about the first half of a mile, but with determination I was able to finish at a reasonable time. I did the first mile in about 7 minutes and did the second in about 8 due to some hardware malfunctions (shoe laces became untied).

Now my shins feel pretty funny, not sore like 3 weeks before, but sore only when I rotate my hip out and put too much force on it. We shall see how it goes through out the day and I’ll know how to proceed from there.

Hopefully I can make it to the pool today, I really want to do the swimming over the biking, it seems a little easier and it well work out my abs which I want, 8 pack here we come! Got to go eat lunch.

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