Posted by: riptide | August 14, 2006

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Yesterday it was not the ideal weather for paintball but by the end of the day it became the best day for paintball. Temperature was 79-82 degrees with an all day over cast. Due to this temperature it became an ideal day to go paint some bodies. It was warm yet cool due, bright yet dull, and humid yet dry.

I had a great time on Sunday didn’t chop any balls, but did have to break down my marker due to come air leak. One of my O-rings stopped working because it dried up, after about 20 mins I found the o-ring applied some marker oil to it and put her back together.

We had the old crew out there (Brian, Belinda, Rosny, Kevin, Matt, and myself) with some new faces. Kevin’s feiance, Rosny’s father-in-law came out and joined us for a rousing day of paintball. He was a trip, I know he was having fun because he had a smile on his face the whole day. Even when he was on the field. Another new comer was Matt’s girlfriend who will join us on our next paintball outing. Matt also brought  his little brother’s who had a blast all day. They couldn’t wait to get out there all weekend.

We played at Classic Paintball in Atlanta off Thornton road, the main field that we played on was their spool field. After spending a day on that field most of us reached a mutual agreement that we kinda don’t like it. It’s great when playing with a group but very difficult to find cover, especially for you feet. One thing that I did love about the spool field was that I was able to practice shooting left handed. Not only did I practice it but I got several people out using my left hand… 🙂

By the end of the day my left wrist was sore along with my obliques and buttocks where I got hit at. I now can’t wait for the next opportunity for me to go.



  1. Yup, it was all feet and hoppers all day on both sides. It’s difficult to stay tucked in a bunker when the bottom of it is round. Your feet stick out.

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